About Us

Molded doors are made from engineered wood to provide beauty and low maintenance at a superior value. Quality molded doors are available with a wood grain texture surface in many panel designs. They add style and warmth to your home, while resisting shrinking, swelling, cracking and joint separation.

All doors are available in prime coat and are ready for painting.

Doors are pressed during manufacturing by thermo-hydraulic compressors using urea formaldehyde (Epoxy) glue to ensure its high durability, and are covered by a 1-year guaranty.

Quality molded interior doors are routinely tested against many different criteria including water resistance, adhesion and overall durability to ensure consistent product quality.

Our Company “ QUALITY ” is specialized in producing molded HDF doors. We have made more than 130000 interior and exterior doors in the past 2  decades, not only in the Egyptian market but we also exported to Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Qatar.
We can produce any quantity and dimensions you need at very competitive prices, so just send your requirements.
Please contact us for any clarifications, or e-mail us with your requirements.


General Manager
Abdel Aziz El Habbal